Friday, January 23, 2015

Trails are groomed in Los Alamos 1/23/15

Everyone is all abuzz about the DH area opening this weekend, but the nordic trails were groomed last night and are in nice (albeit early season) shape. get out there and get some skiing in while the skiing is good.

Watch them rocks in the meadow and on the front hill and at point J. But otherwise coverage is good and the trail is more or less skiable everywhere, although, I might recommend against skiing down the front hill if you like your skis.
To reiterate! PLEASE send in your donations and/or memberships. We really only have about 12 REAL members this year! The financial situation is taking a hit with these bad snow years, but our expenses are staying constant. We'll keep doing our best to provide a local place to ski, but we still need everyone's support.
You can go to NM Sports Online to take care of memberships and/or donations:
PLEASE help support the cause, even if it's just the minimum. That's still a big help!

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