Sunday, January 11, 2015

alaska skater and sandia trail conditions

I am chris, and if you are one of the three sledders who wanted info on skating trails in nm you can email me at   I can get you on the email list for sandia grooming also.   nice meeting you.  
chris m and I shoveled the full length of the access road today, leveling and widening.   I bet is almost 12 feet wide for 90% of the trail now.   its done for the season, except for that tight corner.  I think Fredrik is going to have to look at that when he grooms. 
1 to 2 inches of fresh snow made the service road perfect for skating since you could catch a edge and there is a great solid base of snow underneath.   you can ski on the access road but there is a lot of loose shoveled snow on it so might be better to wait until Fredrik grooms it.  stick and glide guys can go to it.   

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