Friday, January 23, 2015

Sandia Peak skiing

Sandia Peak received 8-10 inches of new snow from the last storm.  No new grooming until Monday.
Chris Norton found a switchback near the top of the "bunny hill" leading from the access road to the 10K loop and snoweshoed it 8' wide.  Perhaps it will be groomed soon?  He did a significant amount of additional shoveling on the trails below the service road.  Please report on this if you wish Chris.
I did a fair amount of skiing back and forth on sections of the upper loop to start preparing it for potential grooming on Monday.  Encountered a snowshoer by the name of Jan who may get a group together to snow shoe the upper loop tomorrow (Sunday).  She also knows Steve Gallegos, head groomer for Sandia Peak and said she will plug for him to do the service road tomorrow night.
Steve Roholt sent a photo of the snowboarders' elaborate terrain park off the service road to Kerry Wood of the Sandia District USFS.
We can use additional help to prepare trails for grooming!  Please contact me or Chris. or  


Clay, can we join SW Nordic online without submitting a snail mail form and check? 
Yep you can join solely online via: 

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Subject: snow conditions Saturday 22nd
the service road will be good tomorrow for skating since its been snowshoed in.    it was good today except for the north wind.   access road has a diagonal track skied in and I don't know anything about the 10 k loop.    hopefully Fredrik grooms it out Monday Tuesday.   skating good on service road after it warms ujp a bit.
have fun
ps.   I snowshoed the possible switchback off bunny hill.   there is one stump to watch for and, a fallen tree that you will have to ski through a 4 foot clearing I made through its branches and poles sometimes sink down in a foot since it was snowshoe packed.  probably best for waxless diagonal to test it out.  I was skating it but its in my blood.   take a look at it if you get a chance.   maybe Fredrik can groom it once before the snow melts so we can get a real idea of it.  


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