Thursday, January 8, 2015

SWNSC Trail Update 1/8/2014

Trail is still mostly covered, but has taken a beating with a lot of foot traffic and the very warm days earlier in the week.  There is now a big bare spot where the fencing stops on the front hill, so be careful above and below it.

Lots of debris on the trails have left things in sort of a mess, so keep that in mind if you go ski, and pick some up and toss it off the trail if you can.

Trail may be bladed to preserve the base until we get more snow.  That cold front with the fog didn't quite reach the higher elevations, so it may not be as icy up there as it is down here in town, but the snow did transform a lot during the warm spell, so it'll be icy unless it's groomed.

The UNM-LA ski class is this weekend, so new track will be set on the Camp May Rd.

Hope for snow next week!

Remember, the SWNSC kids' clinic will be this Sunday at 10:30 A.M. at Enchanted Forest.  The clinic (games, relays, obstacle course, etc.) is free, but regular trail pass and rental fees are still in effect.

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