Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Trails Groomed 1/7/2013...still good conditions!

Master groomer Dave Wykoff regroomed everything last night.  It is warmer today, but with the cold nights and consistent grooming, the conditions are staying very good in most places with minimal melting.  Even the front hill is staying in relatively good shape.

The classic track was reset and is in great shape for now, but there are still some very thin areas, so it runs over an odd stump or rock here and there.  Keep a wary eye out for those spots.  A few folks have sure helped out with the aspen shoot cutting, which has been a huge ordeal this year.  Some of those thickets are now clear and also some of the cut-offs.

If you haven't gotten your memberships and/or donations in, please do so soon.  This is the time of the year when our expenses go up very quickly.  Gas sure ain't cheap!  We also have liability insurance, maintenance items and yearly equipment replacements to consider.

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A HUUUGE thanks to those of you who have donated and renewed!!!

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