Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year - Conditions and recent photos for 1/2/2013

Conditions are fantastic after this last round of snow.  There are still a few (but getting fewer and fewer) obstacles out on the trail, especially in those zones with the really BIG rocks.  Keep you eyes out and remember where those zones are, because they're now lurking just below, whereas before we could still see them...

Dave has been doing a great job with the grooming, with a little help from the other volunteers.  There are just so many little things that have to be done weekly, or really daily, to keep an operation like this going!

Get your memberships and/or club donations in (they'll count for your 2013 taxes now...) when you can.  I'm still working on getting it all set up through so we should see that process streamlined very soon -- hopefully within a couple of days.

We will be having our club "Fun Trial" this weekend.  We'll go with a single course that will be run from the very beginning at the parking lot, up to the top of the meadow, back in again from Point M to Point J, back up to the top of the meadow, and then all the way back to the finish before the parking lot.  The conditions are good enough and we should ski it up while we got it!  Let's plan on having the first skier off by 9:30 AM.  Most likely, that will be me and I will likely be doing the timing as well.

Here are some photos I've taken the last few days while out on my ski.  A few were before the storm (just before it came in), then after the storm.  Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

Before the storm - looking down Canada Bonita at the Baca fenceline

I keep finding remnants of deer and elk all over the trails!

Before the storm - looking south below Pt. A toward Ski Pajarito

Before the storm - looking north through the burn zone on the Canada Bonita road

Before the last storm - looking SE toward Santa Fe over the Los Alamos Canyon drainage

After the storm - hoarfrost in the upper meadow

My phone shadow and the nice tracks in the upper meadow

More hoarfrost - I was trying to capture something cool, but just got a flat picture of a frosty blade of grass

This one turned out better - it was cold up there, for sure

Looking up the trail at the "4km" mark

Looking down the trail at the "4km" mark

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