Thursday, January 3, 2013

SWNSC Resolution Race Club Fun Event this Saturday

This Saturday morning, the Southwest Nordic Ski Club will be holding its "sort-of" annual club training "fun" race on the SWNSC Nordic ski trails at Pajarito.  Start time will be 9:30 AM, sharp, so plan on being there early to sign up and get a liability waiver signed.  There is no charge for the event; it is just for fun and to see how well you can ski around the trail system.

The conditions are pretty good, with solidly cold temperatures, so we'll plan on doing the entire "main loop" of the system, starting right on Camp May Road, just beyond the parking lot.  Since we have so much starting space, we'll do this year's version as a mass start -- everyone starts together.

Refer to the map for the course description below...
For those of you who would like to do the "long course," it'll basically be a ~15km run from the very beginning, up through the "letters," (blue trails on the map) to the top of the meadow, then down the inner meadow trail to Point M (none of the outer meadow trails that are purple on the map), then take the cut-off from M to J, make a sharp right turn and repeat the trip back up to the top of the meadow.  The rest of the course is "all downhill" back to the start/finish and described below.

The "short course" will simply be one grand trip around the main loop, up through the letters to the top of the meadow, then down the inner meadow trail to Point M and straight down the lower meadow to the lower road past Points O, P, Q, R and back to A, then on down the front hill to finish on Camp May Rd near the parking lot!

Remember, be there early to sign a waiver and get your name on the start list.  I do not have a timer lined up, so you may want to bring a watch to "backup" time yourself.  I'll be doing the timing myself, but I'm also skiing, so something may be missed...

There is LA Transit bus service, so keep in mind that you won't be able to park right at the trail-head as before.  Click here for the map and schedule:

Great conditions and a great day of skiing on tap.  Go ski at Pajarito Mountain in the afternoon!

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