Saturday, January 5, 2013

Resolution Race 2013 - Fun Stuff!

Well, that commemorates another start of the year.  And, it hurt!  Conditions were good and temperatures have been cold, so we were able to run the race from the parking lot, all through the trails, and back to the parking lot.  To accommodate a mass start (a first for a race on our trails), we ran the race up to the Mother lift, then did a quick turn-around, then headed out onto the trail system.  I liked that format and it felt a lot more varied; lots more terrain to ski and coming back was a blast.

Great job to all the participants.  That is a tough course at altitude.  It takes a lot to get through it.  I was happy that Hans did the event in the classical style so that I could keep my "winning streak" alive =)  I no doubt would have suffered a loss if he would have skated.  But, I did notice that in many spots, I was faster just double-poling in the track rather than trying to skate and get all winded.  I don't know if that's a remark on my skate technique, or that the track was faster...hmm...

Everyone get ready for the Chama Chile Classic in a couple of weeks, then the Low O2 Challenge at Enchanted Forest the weekend after that.  It's the season for New Mexico Nordic!

Here are the results, and a couple of pictures near the start/finish/registration/place where I got a citation for parking in the bus turn-around (I got out of it by talking to the LA Transit Supervisor =).

Clay Moseley                    40:48
Hans Hanson                     41:04 - classic
Sanna Sevanto (f)               44:22
Ken Kisiel                      45:55
Max Schultz                     51:28
Susan Hanson (f)                54:24 - classic
Paul Graham                     55:28
Dave Wykoff                     59:36
Chuck Calef                   1:02:49 - classic, wooden skis
Kristina Brown (f)            1:02:16
Jeri Sullivan (f)             1:13:04 
Mariann Johnston (f)          1:18:56 
Max Light                     1:50:29

I heard that Jeri and Mariann did some other version (more or less, I am not sure) of the course.  I admit that the markings were pretty much minimal.  It was just for fun and training, and I think everyone was OK with that.

Thanks for coming out and making it a fun day!

Everyone getting ready for the start - great conditions

Signing up

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