Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wednesday Trail Update

Got up to the trail bright and early to help the BAER team with the last few hazard trees that we left for the more expert tree-fellers.  They sure are better than we are at it, but it wasn't without a few little glitches.  Anyway, those last 5 bad ones are now down.

I fired up Kermit to go tidy up the front hill.  I stacked the rest of the bamboo poles up at PtA and took the majority of the steel posts down to the shed.  There's still some sitting below the trail on the front hill, and more still out beyond the fencing line near PtC.

I think the new order of shade fencing is slated to arrive tomorrow somewhere up at the ski hill.  
The fencing that was up was already doing its job.  There was still a thin layer of snow on parts of the front hill and the shade was keeping the ground from thawing as fast as the areas around it that are exposed to the sun.  Looks ready for snow.


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