Friday, December 23, 2011

Trail Closure Status

Here's the latest on the x-c ski trail closure from Lynn Bjorkland of USFS:

The SWNS club trails are anticipated to open Tuesday or Wednesday of next week (Dec 27/28)

Many people are asking what is taking so long? !  I also would have thought the process would have been completed a week or two ago.

Here is the latest on the closure amendment change.  The picture below shows what trails have been mitigated for hazards.  These are the trails that will be open and exempted from the closure order once it is signed and becomes effective.  The closure order change started its journey through the process about three weeks ago.  Those of you in government of any kind can understand that these sorts of things can take much longer than anticipated.  I think Murphy's laws come into effect in these situations.  The more people there are who want it to happen quickly and timely, the more delays happen to slow the process.  Currently the change order is stalled out in the government legal office, probably because all the key people needed to move it along are on Christmas leave.    Eventually, and now I am hoping for Tuesday or Wednesday next week, this closure change will come through for us, and we can announce the official opening.

In the meantime, the SWNS club is packing the trails and getting everything ready for the season.  They can't do the finishing grooming that will really make it nice for classic and skate skiing until it is officiallly open and the closure order is truly changed.  In the meantime, anyone can volunteer for the SWNS club and help with the packing, finishing preparations on the course, and helping to keep the  fence and closure notice up at the start of the course.  Volunteers can also let people know of the current status and next predicted date that we might be able to announce the opening.

Thanks to everyone for their patience, and Merry Christmas to all.

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