Friday, December 2, 2011

SWNSC's total volunteer hours Sept-Nov.

Clay (our prez) has to send total volunteer hours in to the federal accounting office that is handling our reimbursements (ASC) for fire recovery work. Each day there was volunteer work, Clay accounted for the number of people and the approximate amount of time each person worked, whether it be standing safety watch, purchasing materials, sawing trees, hanging fence, lopping aspen shoots, bucking down timber, etc. -- it is actually probably a bit on the conservative side.

Check out the list below and total at the bottom - way to go, volunteers! That's the way to give back to the community!!

Southwest Nordic Ski Club Volunteer Hours Record

Fire Recovery Project 2011
August Hours Total - 8
September Hours Total - 12
October 1-6
October 9-12
October 15-50
October 16-4
October 22-8
October 23-42
October 29-56
November 1-12
November 4-4
November 5-56
November 6-48
November 12-39
November 14-4
November 15-6
November 16-4
November 17-4
November 18-4
November 19-60
November 23-2
November 30-2
Total Hrs (Sept. - Dec. 1) 443hrs

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