Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Update on fencing volunteer needs

Thanks to all of you "trail volunteer elves" who came out and did a GREAT job on getting much the new shade fencing installed.  We also had folks working on cleaning up elk poop (yes, lots of it this year with the burn area grass growing under there, etc.), shoveling thin spots, etc.  Trails should hold through this extended sunny/warm stretch, and until we can officially open.
We still have several rolls of shade that need to be installed.  If you can spare the time, grab a roll and go string it up!  We need to purchase more zip ties from Smiths or Metzger's, feel free to add to that cause if you're motivated.  We can use the smaller 4" ones since we're hanging it from the nice field fence that is in place.
It helps to have a partner, but can be done alone too.
We'll try to keep things maintained through this week and really hit the grooming when we're officially allowed to fully groom.
Please send in your memberships/donations if you can.  We've had WAY more expenses this season and have actually lost some of our regular funding sources.  Last year's meager winter and this year's extended closure is resulting in a downward curve of our already small bank account!  We usually get a number of donations over the Christmas holiday, but with the closure, this won't be our best year, unfortunately =(

Here is a photo of the fencing done at point A by what looked to be at least 9 different elves :) There is more wire fence for snowfencing to be attached to on the lower road as well as on the upper trail starting just past where the 'coat tree' used to stand. Grab a roll of fencing from point A, it helps to have cutters to get those rolls unwrapped but its doable by hand as well. Bring up zipties, we used all the ones that were there up (and more :)

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