Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New trails marked and open

As of Sunday, all the new and old snowshoe trails at SWNSC Pajarito Trail System have been marked and signed, including the one called Wyatt's Way which runs from the Camp May Road just across from the "MOTHER LIFT" at the base of the Camp May Hill, winding it's way thru the Aspens on up to Point "A", a much more scenic alternative to the front hill road.

All trails have "Official" signs saying "Snowshoe Trail" and all are marked along their entire length with a mix of Red, Orange and Hot Pink flagging.

Still no snow to travel on, but the trails make a nice hike without snow, and I think you'll enjoy seeing all the new trails. Lynn Bjorkland of the USFS has created a new trail map showing the new snowshoe trails as well as the x-c ski trails, which can be found on the website:


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tom berg said...

I should add that not all the new snowshoe trails have "Official" X-C Ski Assn trail signs, but most of th snowshoe trail entrances do. We've put in so much new trail this fall that we ran out of "Official" signs.

However, all trail entrances, new and old, have Ranger Lynn Bjorkland's beautiful new trail maps posted, so they are easy to identify.