Thursday, December 23, 2010

Here's a trail report from Clay

As of last evening:

> I was surprised to find a pretty decent amount of new snow on the trails.

> The snow line was just below Townsite, so it was warm and wet, but it was
> snow. Hard to say how much, but it was a lot more than I had expected.
> The only problem was that it was sloppy and the trees were taking slush
> dumps all over the trails.
> I was able to ski from the car, and return to the car. But, there are a
> dozen or so thin spots up to Point J...mainly those exposed areas where
> the ground is still warm.
> Where it was good, it was great, where it was thin, it will take some work
> to keep it. Best just to leave it for now, in anticipation for more
> through tomorrow and Friday morning. We'd just make a mess.
> So, we hold off and just use our rock touring skis a little longer. I got
> in a great ski and really felt the feeling in some of the good stretches.
> We're literally inching closer to having some groomable skiing.

This AM:

Looks like it did snow quite a bit more last evening. It was, no doubt, more Sierra Sludge. But, after a brief period of clearing, it got below freezing (in town), which is what we needed. Looks like it's snowing pretty good up there now and should snow for a while today/tonight.


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Mike Engelhardt said...

I skied for 2 hours this morning from 8:15 to 10:15. I went out on the lower trail, skied Dave's and TJs loops + skied the meadow-upper loops in each direction. On my return, I skied from pt E down to the road and then back to trailhead. The coverage was sketchy in the usual sunny spots and front hill. The rest of the trail was pretty good and I was very impressed with the grooming job. Like every other Los Alamos skier, I wish some of the monster snowfalls that hit Colorado, Utah and California had made it to NM. On the other hand, it isn't as awful as the 2005-2006 winter. In that winter, even I didn't get out on the xc trail until late January. I'll certainly settle for these skiing conditions considering that on Dec. 14 I rode my bike up Camp May Road needing only arm/leg warmers on a mid day ride. The next day, Dec 15, I hiked up/down the Townsight area of Pajarito in hiking shoes. The day after it snowed. Thirty six years of skiing in Los Alamos has taught me to never give up. Donation check to the club will be sent out this evening.