Thursday, November 18, 2010

EFXC Season Pass discount to SWNSKI member until Dec 1st

Enchnated Forest XC Ski area is offering an extremely generous discount on season passes to SWNSKI members. But you must purchase by Dec 1st. See list below for prices. Note, this is only until Dec 1st. Buy it today to avoid missing the deadline due to Thanksgiving week craziness. Little paragraph at the bottom about latest happenings at Enchanted Forest. Lots of snow in the forecast for them, they hope to open in the next two weeks! Here is a link to photos of their opening day skiing last year (Nov 21st!!!). Pretty amazing early skiing and an easy day trip for a lot of us.

Regular pass price:              Pre-season price by Dec 15th:              SWNSC special by Dec 1:

Single $200                        $150                                                    $100

Couple $250                      $200                                                    $150

Family $300                       $250                                                    $200
To buy it call Geoff direct at 575-770-2431, or call the area and leave a message 575-754-6112, or send an email to get it reserved and they will you call back to get your payment info. They are at the area every day, but working hard on the yurt, addition to the lodge and on the trail so they cant always answer the phone.

Note the pre-season discount until Dec 15th, so those not part of SWNSKI or those who miss Dec 1st deadline can still get that discount on a pass by Dec 15th.

For those who dont know, Geoff and Ellen Goins are the new owners of the area originally owned by Ellen's parents John and Judy Miller. They are making remarkable improvements to the area this year. The yurt has been put up just in the last few weeks and will be available for rent this season. They are adding onto the ski lodge, completely revamping their website (going live soon), improving their already awesome trails and more. Please support them and their efforts by getting your passes and spreading the word. It is the only full service xc ski area in NM. We all know its not a big money business (xc skiing that is :) so lets not take it for granted that we have such a great place to ski at and make sure to support them as much as we can!

Their site is and is also linked from our homepage
If you are on facebook, make sure to join them by clicking here.

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