Monday, December 28, 2009

Trail Report 12/28/09 9pm

Hi all,

We've run into some pretty big snags with the machinery...we need to fix a few things and purchase some parts, but we're managing to hang on by a thread. Please help if you can by paying your dues and/or donating. If you enjoy skiing close to home, it's a bargain! One of the groomers who fell victim to a bad breakdown (and heroically went back out the next morning to perform a fix out on the trail), suggested we attach a donation bucket to the broken machine. Despite our great relationship with the Forest Service, they would probably frown on that.

Anyway, despite the grooming equipment snafus, the trails have been mostly regroomed since the major Christmas weekend traffic. Skate lanes have been refreshed (mostly) and there's fresh classic track on all but TJ's and Dave's Dogleg, and the front hill, where the snow is still thin.

Things are still in good shape!

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Khal said...

Trails were excellent yesterday. I ended up skiing up onto Guaje Canyon trail before turning around and looping back through the club trails. (and "the check is in the mail", Clay.

Happy New Year to all,