Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Informal Ski Club Time Trial on Sunday, Jan 3 at 9:30AM

SWNSC will put on an interval start race (ie: a time trial, with individual starts) on this coming Sunday, free and open to one and all, (ie: no entry fees) and only booby prizes! Here are the details from Clay's press release:
"If you're around and not too hungover from New Year's festivities (or if you are
and need a different kind of "Hair of the Dog" treatment...), consider coming up
to the cross country ski trails for a club training time trial. It'll be about
10km in length, or you can opt for a shorter version of about 6km. There will
be classic track set, along with the skate lane, of course.
Format is just like the Tuesday evening bike time trials -- I'll go off first
and serve as "timer," but you need to time yourself, as this is just for fun and
not very official. We may also have a backup timer.
We'll plan on sending the first skier off (me) by 9:30am, so be up there earlier
for warmup and getting your name on the start list. We'll meet at the "Coat
Tree" at point B on the trail system (see map:
The course will likely make one big loop from B, through all the letters in a
"clockwise" direction, re-enter the woods at pt. M, go to pt. J and repeat the
upper woods and meadow sections, then continue past pt. M (staying left) on the
second lap down through pts. O, P, R, then make the sharp turn at pt. A and head
back to pt. B.
If you want to skip the second round of the upper section (M-J-K-L-M), then you
can opt for the 6km version and just head straight down to the lower trail
(N-O-P-R) and turn at pt. A to finish at pt. B.
Be aware that there may be people out skiing for fun and that the course is NOT
closed. So, ski in control and keep your eyes out. It's just for fun and
Everyone is welcome! Hope to you see you there."

There will be a timer, and the interval starts will be at 30 second intervals.

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