Friday, December 11, 2009

Grooming report 12/11/09

From Clay:
Lots of hours went into getting the trails into shape after this last storm. But, things look great for the weekend...probably one of the best early season grooming jobs despite a still thin base.
Just about all of the "regular" trails are groomed, but be careful on the meadow sections from point L down. There are a few hidden obstacles here and there, plus some clumps of grass where the wind scoured the snow a little thin. There are also some tops of big rocks that are not quite 100% covered. Maybe next storm will make it possible to ski with good to stick with rock skis for now.
There's also a classic track, but keep in mind that it's early season and obstacles had to be dodged in places, and in some others the track may be a little thin.
Be sure to get your memberships renewed. The club always goes through a lean spell this time of the year which results in some of the volunteers footing the bill until the donations and member fees come in. It has always worked out, but just barely!
Here's to the new ski season. Happy skiing!

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