Monday, December 21, 2009

Trail Report 12/21/09 (new)

Happy Winter Solstice!

Trail was extensively groomed over the weekend to clean up the ridges, ruts and sides. This should really help things level out with more snow...when and if it comes.

A classic track was set today at noon, while it was warmer so it would pull in a little deeper. Bear in mind that the coverage is still in early-season form, so there may be a few thin spots and obstacles in the skate and classic track. Classic track was set on the entire system.

There have been some hikers and snowshoers on the upper "skiing-only" trails, and they inflicted some pretty good damage with the nature of the post-holing. It's a shame, as the track looked great before they did that.

Looks like it's turned from hard kick wax to some sort of klister blend. If you ski early, it's simply a mixture of universal and ice klister. If you ski after things soften up, a mixture of universal and something warmer will be the ticket, but it'll be sticky in the meadow where the snow never transforms, so keep it thin. It's probably better to go with "no-wax" skis if you don't like the variability in those conditions. Grip tape works great for that condition too.

It's supposed to snow tomorrow, so get it while the gettin's good.

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