Monday, January 6, 2020

Resolution Classic Results - January 5, 2020

Conditions were fantastic for this year's Resolution Classic "Tourace" - we call it that because it's hard to give it 100% when you're just out there having fun.  You're kinda racing, but also looking at the views and just enjoying the conditions, so it's halfway between a race and a tour.

Speaking of conditions, there was plenty of snow that had just a bit of transformation from what had been pretty much new snow conditions for two weeks, to a more frozen and faster type.  Some of the course was rocket fast, but some sections were still cold and grippy.  The day before was fairly warm, but it froze up hard overnight and didn't warm up much during the race, keeping things firm and fast.

It was a day to apply a slightly warmer grip wax, somewhere in the violet/purple range, or a very thin and short section of universal klister - that's what I opted to use, but very thin and very short under my foot.  It provided solid kick when my technique was good, while also allowing my skis to glide well.  The snow was the type that would have allowed a pretty good range of things to work, depending on where on the course you really wanted the best kick.

The track was set in a "best line" path in the trail, which made for a smooth course that is quite a bit easier to ski than when it is groomed for both skate and classic (classic track way over on the low side of the trail).  It skis quite a bit differently when it is set like that with wider turns and straighter lines.  It was kinda sad to go groom it out after the day was over.

So, here is the tale of the tape.  Great job to everyone who came out to enjoy pretty much perfect classic conditions.  You've achieved your New Year's Resolution!

2020 Resolution Classic Tourace

10km Course
Name Start Time Finish Time              Race Time
Clay Moseley 00:50.0 29:16.0 28:26.0
Sanna Sevanto 01:40.0 31:54.0 30:14.0
Travis Gibson 02:05.0 32:45.0 30:40.0
Scott Baily 00:00.0 31:22.0 31:22.0
Zach Leonard 01:15.0 33:30.0 32:15.0
Liz Quinney 03:45.0 36:04.0 32:19.0
Andy Jones 05:00.0 42:11.0 37:11.0
Tarik Saleh 04:35.0 42:48.0 38:13.0
Kevin Reid 04:10.0 44:13.0 40:03.0
Siobhan Niklasson 02:30.0 42:55.0 40:25.0
Dina Pesenson 00:25.0 42:21.0 41:56.0
Paul Gooris 03:20.0 50:54.0 47:34.0
Steve Venturoni 02:55.0 57:22.0 54:27.0
5km Course
Levi Gibson 06:25.0 25:36.0 19:11.0
Mila Moseley 07:15.0 26:42.0 19:27.0
Zach Gibson 07:40.0 28:27.0 20:47.0
Diego Leonard 06:00.0 28:38.0 22:38.0
Madalyn Baily 06:50.0 32:12.0 25:22.0
Chris Michel 09:20.0 35:33.0 26:13.0
Axel Niklasson 08:55.0 35:58.0 27:03.0
Anders Niklasson 10:10.0 38:03.0 27:53.0
Lindsay Gibson 09:45.0 39:04.0 29:19.0
John Ullman 10:35.0 40:08.0 29:33.0
Phoebe Reid 08:30.0 38:51.0 30:21.0
Aida Saleh 08:05.0 38:48.0 30:43.0
3km Course
Luke Gibson 12:00.0 29:21.0 17:21.0
Quanah Moseley 12:50.0 32:37.0 19:47.0
Harper Reid 13:15.0 36:13.0 22:58.0
Liv Niklasson 13:40.0 37:21.0 23:41.0
Samantha Baily 12:25.0        ****                      ****

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