Thursday, January 2, 2020

Grooming Report(s) Catch-Up for NEW YEAR - January 2, 2020!

Very sorry for not having kept up with this grooming reports blog.  There has just been NO spare time to do that this past month or so.  There was a LOT of industrial work just to get the trails functional again after the crazy storms of late winter last year, over the summer, and then this fall.  We didn't get much snow in November, until that hurricane snowstorm hit over Thanksgiving that left us with yet another big mess of trees down, etc.  It has been nothing but catch-up ever since.

Anyway, trails have been groomed all December, and we recently opened the Upper Caldera Loop and the Outer Limits Meadow trail!  They look great, if not still a little bumpy.  We seem to perpetually be short on grooming volunteers, so we make do with the very few hours spread among two or three guys.  Things are groomed pretty well as of today, but will be groomed again for this weekend's SWNSC Resolution Classic club events.  Hopefully this quick little storm will leave us with just a nice topping to go over the tracks from the high volume of traffic we've had over the holidays.

Come out and join in the fun this weekend: 

Saturday - skate sprints in the meadow (leave trail head by 10am, meet in meadow about 10:30 or so)
Sunday - Resolution Classic (no skating), best line tracks, ~3km, ~5km, and ~10km loop options; first skier off from Point A promptly by 9:30 AM.  Just show up to put your name on the list!

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