Friday, January 3, 2020

January 3, 2020 Snow & Grooming Report

That little quick-hitter storm resulted in about 2" to 3" new snow on the trails.  It was colder, dryer snow, so kinda perfect to mix in with the wetter frozen stuff underneath.  The meadow trails were completely snowed over and filled in and needed to be regroomed.

Again, we've been slowly getting the edges groomed and doing a few other things on top of the grooming, so it's still not 100% complete, but getting there.  Last evening, the lower Guaje Trail out the meadows was groomed, leaving old track on the lower trail, setting new track in the meadow trails.  Had to groom the main ski trail "shortcuts" for Sunday's classic race/tour, so the upper trails only received a single pass on the high side.  That sort of wiped out a lot of the classic track set the other day.  We'll be setting a new track on Saturday evening.

For now, things will be nice for skating, especially for tomorrow.  There will not be new track set on the upper trails for tomorrow, but there will be good track on the lower trails and the meadow trails.

Looks a little warmer over the weekend, so expect some variability from sun to shade.

Conditions are great, so enjoy!

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