Sunday, February 14, 2016

New grooming report for Feb 14

From Chris:  " I caught the tram and started grooming around 4pm.    classic track that I set was best on access road and sections of lower trails.  service road had already hardened so there the track wasn't idea, a little shallow.  
I screened in the dark and had to keep on throwing snow on it to keep it heavy so it would dig in.   again, service road was pretty hard to scrape up anything ( but I did see the downhill groomers out with their lights as I was leaving at 7 so they might do the service road ).   most of the lower trails screened out pretty good, probably the only really hard spot was the upper meadow above the aspen grove and also the downhill along the woods at the very bottom of the lower meadow.
my guess is skating would be good 10 or 11 to 1pm.  but if they groomed the service road it would be rocking 9am.   I was up there last Saturday morning after the groomed it and it was like Lake Placid Olympic trails.   
classic skiing  I hate to say is not a continuous track but best would be lower trails, especially the access road and lower meadow trails all the way into the northern woods above the 10k parking lot.  
if we had that second piece of grooming equipment I could of done an amazing job tonight since it would of chewed up the snow and then smoothed it out.  the stuff we have is just using heavy weight to press done where as the new one would of broke it up and then smoothed it out.     anyways,  let get the donations going on that second piece so next year we wont have to give grooming reports since it will always be great.
I think I am going up tomorrow at 11.  if downhill groomed service road I will get it to the posts.   pray for snow to your god."

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