Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Canada Bonita Trails Regroomed 2/8/2016

Still great snow holding up on the Canada Bonita trails here in Los Alamos!  It's warmer this week, but there is a very good base that will weather the more springlike temps.

John Davey got up there last evening (2/8/2016) and refreshed everything, but left the classic track as-is.  It's a bit of a freeze-thaw cycle, so a good klister in the morning will work very well for classic, but I'd go with a waxless setup if you go after the sun starts to soften things up.

Skating will be firm in the morning, and softening in the afternoon as well.

Please don't walk or snowshoe when it's warm!!!

Next storm is supposed to be on the horizon for next week...keep you fingers crossed.

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