Thursday, December 24, 2015

Status of trails grooming (on Sandia Peak)

Here is info from Chris Norton regarding status of grooming, etc.: greg, rich and chris shoveled and groomed the lower trail system today.   its two to one snowmobiles in width so light touring classic or even racing skis might skating yet.   just don't go full speed on some of the new switchbacks until you have skied them once. ( trying to figure out the trail in two spots so had to make some 90degree turns).    its amazing down there.   having a big shovel day this Monday so show up with a shovel after 930 and head down the access road until you see other shovelers.  already got 6 signed up and would be great to get another 6 or more. bring a shovel.   contact chris at CHRIS@SANDIASOAP.COM if you can make it.  

Chris announces:  "shoveling day cancelled.   road to crest is pretty bad so will hold off until Wednesday or Thursday depending on snow fall Tuesday.  email me at if you are interested in shoveling.   they got two feet of new snow up there Saturday night.  I am planning on going up Monday sometime to get the same two snowmobile widths set in the lower trails.  hopefully the downhill area grooms the service road. "

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JEFF Huser said...

thanks Chris, skiing the new sections was fantastic Thursday.