Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Ski Conditions Update 12/25/2015

Merry Christmas!  Hope you've been able to get out and ski the trails.  They've received a steady dose of new snow just about every day this past week.  Only a little fell today, but it kept the streak going.

We've spent a lot of time rolling, blading and even a little bit of "finish" grooming, but with the wind, trees falling, and some machine and shop maintenance issues, we haven't quite had enough grooming time to get it completely finished.  So, sorry about that.

We did get a classic track reset, but of course, the wind in the meadow just keeps blowing it over and creating more drifts almost as soon as we're done.  It's tough to get a machine through there these days, and it doesn't look to let up until next week.  We'll see how much snow we end up with too.

Please be patient, and get your classic skiing in shape until we can get it all packed, leveled and groomed out.

Also be careful -- there is a tree down below Point A on the Canada Bonita trail (lower road trail).  We'll get that out as soon as we can.

Otherwise, it is very nice classic skiing, and pretty wide, albeit soft, skate skiing.  The meadow trails are fun to ski on backcountry/touring skis too, but you'll have to break your own trail for now.

Have fun!  Ho, Ho, Ho...!

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