Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Grooming and Conditions Update 12/22/2015

Christmas is almost here, and we're receiving a nice gift in the form of new snow and awesome holiday ski conditions!

We're still trying to get some sort of consistent grooming rotation down, plus we have one or two new volunteers who are still learning, so things are not always consistent just yet.  But, we have kept things pretty cleaned up and nice for both skate and classic.

We also got a new Tidd Tech G2 groomer, which saw it's maiden voyage last evening.  I used it to set a new classic track in most places.  It works well, but there's a learning curve to it and it needs some more adjustments before it's up and running at 100% efficiency.  Hopefully, we'll all get some practice on it over the holidays.

Things were bladed, flattened, and somewhat groomed last evening.  It should ski nicely, but there's already new snow falling, so it'll change quickly.  I think some nice classic striding will be the best bet until we get more snow and get it all groomed.  It's all in good shape, with one thin spot on the front hill, and those big rocks near the entrance/exit to that grove of trees in the meadow above Point-M, and on that off-camber hill break-over between M and O.  Be careful in those spots.

Other than that, conditions are pretty nice and improving all the time.  We'll certainly have some nice holiday skiing this year!

Stay tuned...

Our new Tidd Tech G2 groomer after last evening's grooming.  It does an awesome job on the trails!

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