Friday, February 13, 2015


I know Fredrik set classic tracks today on the upper unm loop, the service road,  and it appeared down below to 10K but I did not ski below the service road (tracks there and upper loop so good).
No grooming for skating where I skied but perhaps below (someone please comment).

late edition (Feb 14): Steve Gallegos said they (downhill area) .will groom the road tonite .
I requested they try wherever possible to leave a classic track.  Hope this works out well.

Steve's (Roholt) photos:  (referred to in 2nd comment)


Unknown said...

Classic skied from the tram this evening (Friday 13th) starting at about 5:30.

Really nice classic tracks on the service road and the lower loop, most places set on both left and right side. Mix of dry packed powder, soft snow, and ice made for tricky waxing. Should be fast, bomber tracks Saturday morning before it gets hot up there.

The access road would have been rough skating in many places. Fast double poling though, and a fun little figure eight at the gravel pit area of the access road.

The lower loop was much less beat up, and the skating would be pretty smooth in many places. Note it's a narrow trail with some sketchy icy corners!

Ron said...

Steve Roholt said "First 2 photos- 10k loop groomed skate and classic. 3rd photo- set track on access road. Last photo service road set track, away from the gravel pit mostly not walked in. Service road not groomed for skating. Beautiful day up there, coverage still mostly good, conditions variable depending on sun exposure. I had my atomic skintec Classic skis and they were great!"

He also included some photos as referred to above: