Saturday, February 28, 2015

2/28/2015 Los Alamos Nordic Trail Report

We got up on the trails last night and rolled the trails, followed by some passes with the 4' Tidd, plus an optimistic pass with the classic track setter.  It was snowing pretty hard at times, so we knew it may be gone by morning.  But, with that much new snow, it gets hard to groom through anything, so we've had to stay on it so that we don't get stuck, at least more than we did anyway.

Jim Fredrickson got back up this morning to start running the rollers again, so we're keeping it packed through the new layers of snow.  It's a process, for sure.

So, please be patient and just enjoy some classic touring.  If there is a break, I'll go run the classic track setter for a better classic skiing experience.  There just won't be any skating until the storm lets up (sorry).  Hopefully, we can get the whole thing groomed out for this next week.

Sorry I don't have any pictures.  It was wet and cold last evening and my phone quit working.

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