Friday, February 27, 2015

2/27/2014: New Snow on the Los Alamos XC Ski Trails!

Well, looks like this late-winter blast will provide some more nice skiing for a little while.  It's been tough for me to make it up there to keep up with every little storm that has come through lately, so there have obviously been some gaps in trail maintenance.  I think the last "grooming" was the quick packing job I did two weeks ago: (  

These last few little doses have been pretty nice, but those few segments that got burnt out during our heatwave kept melting back down, despite the additions to the good snow pack in other areas.  It's weird.

Anyway, it has finally snowed enough that I got some volunteer support, including a potential new groomer!  (yay, and whew!).  So, we'll plan on heading up to pack things down this evening, plus maybe get in some groomed classic track for the weekend, depending on how much snow we receive.

Most certainly, I would not count on skating this weekend.  We'll pack and get a "best line" classic track set that follows the path of most snow on the trails.  

PLEASE, do not skate over the groomed classic tracks!

I'll report back this evening when we're done.

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