Monday, December 24, 2012

Weekend Trail Update 12-22 through 12-24

We had a good weekend of skiing for our first "full" groomed weekend.  Things were a little lumpy and bumpy, with lots of aspen shoots still poking through, and some grass here and there.  But amazingly, things were quite well covered with only those really big rocky sections being an issue.  Otherwise, I didn't even hit anything with my rock skis.

I was pleased with the trail on the early sections, including the front hill, where we completed the regrading/erosion control work.  It groomed and skied nicely, and seems to hold the snow much better.  We did get the usual elk stampede and a couple of errant runners who must have trouble reading, otherwise, the trails looked pretty good all weekend.  Please keep a wary eye out for things until we pick up a lot more snow.  Use caution and ski lightly!

A HUUUGGGEEE  thanks goes out to Paul Graham for his complete dedication to going out and cutting aspen shoots for 4 hrs on Friday, then again Saturday and Sunday.  Sanna got in the action too on Saturday and just skied sans poles and cut shoots.  They were really bad and now there are very few sections left with any in them.

Hopefully, we continue to pick up a few inches here and there to cover all those little obstacles and fill in the holes and trenches.  It'll improve steadily if so.

Thanks also goes out to John B., Chuck C. and Dave W. for all the trail prep work, grooming, blading, sawing, etc.

I'm going to set up our club registration on this week to renew club memberships. We also need to update the release form.

Thanks everyone and hope to see you out during the holidays!


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