Friday, December 28, 2012

Buy Dave a Beer! Trail Report 12/28/2012

Professional and very timely grooming is brought to us by 'Pro' groomer, Dave Wykoff.  A big thanks goes out to him for the hard work he's been putting in.  It has been great skiing thanks to the little rounds of "freshies" and the awesome grooming.

Still lots of little obstacles (still big obstacles in the meadows) and aspen shoots to watch out for.  Please cut a few shoots when you head out.  Every little bit helps.

Hopefully, we'll be getting a real storm in just a few days.  For the time being, enjoy the skiing we have!

Sanna heading out to enjoy the freshly groomed snow on Christmas Day.   Dave groomed this section of Camp May Rd last, so it hadn't been groomed yet.


Anonymous said...

are xc trail conditions good enough to justify a trip from albuquerque on 12/29/12 to ski ?


dave said...

I think so but I groomed the