Friday, December 28, 2012

membership info and news

from our club prez Clay M:
Hi all,

I hope your holidays have been active and merry and you've had a chance to get out and ski.  Dave has been laying down some very nice tracks, and there is good snowshoeing in the woods and Canada Bonita trail.  Hopefully, we'll be able to expand the "snowshoe network" again next year, but there's still plenty of options.

Anyway, I am writing to alert you to a change in how we'll be offering membership registration.  Right now, it's the same old way on the website. The form on the website needs to be updated for this season, I know that...just too many things to do.  Club admin housekeeping has not been my strong suit, and Dina has been busy taking care of all these kids we keep having =)  Anyone want to help us with keeping up with website content?

Anyway, coming up very soon, you'll have the option to register online at:

It is not quite ready yet and I'm working with them to get it set up.  There is a small processing fee in addition to the club "fees."  I put "fees" in quotations, because we all know it is just a donation and a charge to ask everyone to come work for your skiing =).  I'll be the first to admit that.  It is tax deductible, however.

I'll send out the notice that it is ready as soon as we get it up and running.

We are now a USA Triathlon affiliated club, which means the club has membership liability insurance.  Additionally, we had to add the club's board as an "additionally insured" entity.  Blame it on our litigious world, but it does indemnify the club and the Forest Service for club events.  Everyone needs to sign a waiver for any club activity, including the club membership form.

Your donations and club membership dues help to defray the considerable costs associated with keeping the Nordic trails maintained (year round) for all activities, not least of which is the winter grooming.  Grooming is VERY EXPENSIVE!!!  Trail upkeep and material expenses add up quickly too.  A special thanks goes out to those who have been generous donors over the years.  It has really helped us become a much more viable operation.

Again, thanks to all of you for your support and volunteerism, and here's to a long and great ski season.

Happy New Year

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