Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Trail/Grooming Report 2/15/2012

Trails have received about 14" of new snow from the last two storms. Things look very nice, especially below and above the burn area. Funny thing is, the snow depth varies from 60" to 0.60". Luckily, the 0.60" is only in a couple of short sections. As has been the case since the January thaw, the snow is very thin in parts of the burn area, mainly on the front hill and just beyond Point A, both upper trail and lower road. But, that situation has improved and if you're very careful and just "double-pole" and really tip-toe through the thin stuff, you can avoid hitting rocks...for the moment, anyway.

Please be very careful when skiing down the lower road, and avoid snowplowing at Point A.

It was a lot cooler up there this evening, so things should set up from the grooming work. Trails were groomed for both classic and skate. Classic tracks will be very nice for the next few days.

We're down to a rock-bottom skeleton volunteer grooming effort. Things may not get groomed in the most timely manner. If you or someone you know are willing to pitch in, PLEASE contact us.

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