Thursday, February 16, 2012

Skiing on Sandia crest

The area around Ellis got about 10" of snow the night before last. The UNM coach, Fredrik Landstedt, had groomed on Tuesday so Tuesday night's snowfall obliterated that effort. Fredrik attempted to groom again on Wednesday Afternoon but could not park! This has happened 3 times this year so it must be very frustrating to Fredrik. Fredrik has made some big efforts this year to groom this area when the team is in town so please be aware of that. We will cntinue to pursue Sandia Peak Ski and Tramway and the USFS to be able to keep grooming equipment up there so regular grooming can be done. Please call or email both Ryan Reineke at and Kerry Wood at if you support this. Also please be aware that Sandia Peak Ski Area (contact is Steve Gallegos) has been incredible this year with grooming the service road consistently and frequently with their alpine groomers. We also will pursue working the USFS to post some signs up there about the grooming that is done and who is responsible for doing it; perhaps with some etiquette guidelines. Please email the two rangers named above if you support this as well.

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