Monday, February 6, 2012

Grooming/Trail Report 2/6/2012

We've been receiving little doses of snow all week, and now the total is just about a foot new since all this started. It's been a strange week of weather with little clouds coming in and dropping these bits of snow, but we'll take it! Temps have been cool, not cold, but we'll take that too.

This evening, Denny went out and groomed the entire system and set classic tracks too. He reported 3" on top of the blading work by John B. So with all of that new grooming work, skiing should be stellar all week. Looks like small chances for little bits of snow through the weekend. Let's hope that comes true.

The local Espanola Ranger District of the NFS has been working with the Valles Caldera org to go out and visually get an archeology assessment for the long-sought-after grooming extension onto the little section of land at the top of the trail system. It would add an easy 1+ km of nice skiing (and easy grooming) to the system. Hopefully, we'll hear something before this winter is over.

Thanks to the groomers!!!

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