Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Skiing on Sandia crest

We need some fresh blood as well to help out. Please anyone that can help by just shoveling for 30 minutes or snow shoeing to help pack trails to enable, hopefully, Fredrik to groom again soon. I and Chris are pretty burned out shoveling snow. But if we can get some new volunteers I think we might do some more next week. The lower switchback trail (about a quarter mile section) needs to be shoveled to level it out, making it wider for the ski and snowshoe traffic and so Fredrik can groom it.
Anyway the service road was groomed again after the last small snow 3"(Monday nite and Tuesday am) + 1" (last nite). The 1" was on top of the grooming. UNM trail is in pretty good shape for classic (no machine tracks) and can be skated if you want to work hard.

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Flamin' Mo said...

I'd be willing to help; I'll probably need to have some direction at first. email me to coordinate: meowelk - at - yahoo - dot - com

thanks for all the work and effort -it is so greatly appreciated!