Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Conditions Report 1/24/2012

Denny and Ken went up and finished the job off after the bits of snow (and wind) we received this week. The drifts have been knocked down as much as possible and the finish grooming job looked just stellar, especially beyond the burn area.

Classic track is in, the cutoffs got groomed, the lower meadow trail was rerouted to avoid the icy/wind-blown sketchy section, and the skate deck is smooth and pretty firm.

Remember, there are a few very thin and not-so-great sections on the front hill and also above and below Point A. Be cautious through the burn area, as there are some thin spots that were covered up by this last round of snow. I picked up a TON of sticks, rocks and general tree charcoal from the wind, but there's still a lot more out there.

We may need to shovel some spots next week to see if we can salvage a couple of spots if it looks like a storm is coming...otherwise we give up on it and let them "open up" such that we must walk over them. We'll see.

Otherwise, the rest of the trail system is in fantastic condition. It's crazy how much variability there is in the conditions. It's about 95% excellent as of right now, though!!!

Don't forget about the Low O2 Challenge (New Mexico Cup) up at Enchanted Forest this weekend. See www.efxc.com for details. Ski it, tour it, or race it...all comers are welcome and encouraged!

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