Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday afternoon conditions on our trail

Altho the temps today were a bit cooler than late January averages, ski conditions were pretty grim looking right up until the new Point B1, and we ended up walking all the way up to there.  However, at the end of our session we were able to ski out as far as Point A, no problem in the warm wet snow below B1.

Skiing up the trail system from B1, things were just great,  we skied from 1:30PM till about 2:45 on blue klister covered with VR40.  Most of the tracks were crisp, styrofoam, not wet, and very nice.  :o)

However 3 hiker creeps and their dog did walk the entire woods trail except for TJ's, hiking down from the top, 3 abreast, on the portion of our trails that the Forest Service has closed to hiking and snowshoeing.    Fortunately they did it this morning while everything was still frozen so they did no damage to the skating lane, and they didn't walk in the classic tracks.

But the upsetting part was when I got up to Point L on top, I could tell from their tracks that they had planned to do just what they did, they weren't lost or confused, their tracks came up the multiple use meadow trail and they turned directly left into the ski trail at L and headed back down the woods trail, no hesitation, or signs of being lost, past several warning signs .... they wanted to hike the entire loop with their dog up the road and down the woods loops, so they did it.  Jerks!

Ah well....

Sure was a great afternoon of classic skiing, and I want to add that had we been skating, it wd have been perfect too.

Thanks to you groomers, this seems to be a rather permanent grooming job you guys did last week. I've never seen tracks hold up so well.   :o)


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