Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Trailwork this week and this weekend

THANKS to all of you who have jumped in and committed to working this Saturday (and those who are helping out this week too). I think we're going to just make it happen for the season and get almost all the big ticket items checked off. It's been a crazy fall for trail work and we've had a lot of hands out there...again, thanks to all of you. I realize it's hard to work that in with family and other commitments.

We have a lot going on at the moment with the Rocky Mountain Youth Corps working up there this week. I will talk more about their organization and work efforts later, but so far, it's just incredible how much they've gotten done, and how eager they are to do more. I'll be posting some information for all of you to make some contact to them and say 'thanks'.

The Los Alamos Coop market fed them tonight, and that was really cool, as they put in a long, hard day. Not having to make their own food in the motel room was nice.

Anyway, we'll have many and various work items for folks to do this Saturday, so come prepared: boots, gloves, warm clothes, food, water, etc. Some work items: hanging shade fence (no post pounding!), aspen shoot cutting, filling holes, moving some'll be fun.

Oh yeah, we'll meet at the trailhead at 9am, as usual.


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