Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanks to the Saturday trail workers

Great job to all of you trail workers on Saturday. The fencing looks great and will start working right away by keeping the ground from thawing out and shading what snow we receive. The fencing at "the rock" got strung up, despite the challenges that were faced in getting the materials out there, etc. It looked awesome too.

We also got a number of the bad "burn out" holes filled and some aspen shoots cleared out, especially in the burn area. The cut-offs are clear and some of the low-side log structures were replaced.

The trail still needs a lot of work with those holes and lower edge burn-outs, but I'd say we did a great job getting a lot of that burn damage mitigated.

Special thanks to Paul Graham, who came out a few times this week to help me with a few things and get the fencing project all prep'ed. I know he probably feels like I held him hostage with some of these projects, but he stuck by me and we were successful on a number of things.

Also a big thanks to all of you saw guys, log movers and hole fillers. Those are back-breaking tasks (I'm icing mine as we speak) and really make us tired. Things look great.

Still contemplating getting some shade fencing to attach to the nice field fence that was installed in the burn area. It would no doubt help there to preserve the snow we get as well.

You could stick a fork in me and pull it out clean. I'm toast. No more trail projects this year (until grooming and more trees fall down...).


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