Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sandia Crest (Ellis) trail improvement

Today, Nov. 10 (Thursday), Rich Besser, Ron McCurley, Chris Norton, and rangers Ryan Reineke and Kerry Wood worked on the UNM ski loop above the service road rerouting the trail in 2 problem areas and some additional trail maintenance to improve the trail. One problem area that now has a great re-rout (also makes grooming that section easier) is located near the crest highway at the north end of the small meadow near the 10400 sign; the other re-rout (located at the top of the section of old logging road) was created mainly to make grooming that section easier. Some of the problem stumps on the trails were truncated as low as possible. Chris went down to the lower UNM trail and did some pruning of the small shoots that endlessly sprout up in the trail. We also did limited pruning of the shoots on the upper trail. Some work remains to be done in this regard. A couple of intrusive logs were cut back as well as one fallen tree and an old semi-buried log across the trail. We also did some infill where trail is uneven. There was anywhere from 1" to 5" of snow on the trails and service road. A few more inches and we can start skiing!


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