Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Send in your club clothing order by Monday Oct 24th!

It appears we have plenty of interested folks to meet the minimum reorder numbers for another clothing order. Dont forget, we dont make anyone become members just for wearing the stuff. You can get it as presents for your active family/friends as well. Its obviously super cool looking, very handy and a great way to get our club's name out there. Conveniently, it doesnt even have to be 'cold weather' stuff as we are able to order any of their top/bottom standard layout pieces including cycling clothing like short sleeve jerseys and bib shorts etc. Women and men specific as well for all cycling pieces, but nordic specific pieces are all 'unisex'. So go nuts :)

Below is an email with order info and links to most popular pieces. Please check it out and send me your items (preferably with link to each so there is no mistake, plus that way you know the price of each piece) by Monday Oct 24th.
if you dont have Dina's email please use Contact Us form located here.

If you dont know what the uniforms looks like check out the layouts here. The background color is 'fire engine red' and isnt the orange you see in the photos but also not as dark as the red in the photo. The layouts have the correct red color showing.
Also, you will note that this company does not do a 'standard' nordic hat and we've had lots of requests for those. I did find another company that does good hats and allows orders of as few as 5 items, but they will still run us $20-30 each depending on how many hats will be ordered. These are however well made, look good and are very comfortable (we got their hats at the US Nationals in March and we liked them a lot). Here is the link to the hat site and layout. If you are interested in ordering a hat please let me know as soon as possible and I will check into it. It will be a completely separate order from the rest of the clothing.
Below are links to the more popular items in the past including the standard ski uniform pieces. Prices are as listed on that site (they dont charge tax) plus a $2-3 per order (not per piece) for shipping. Note, once we meet the 6 piece minimum we really can get any other pieces, that includes cycling shorts/jerseys and most other large top/bottom pieces from nordic or cycling custom sections (so excluding things like arm warmers, socks, gloves etc)

1) basically a warm cycling jersey with brushed fleece interior (men/women specific)
2) ski vest
3) racing top (can be ordered with brushed fleece lining for warmth for extra $10)
4) racing bottom (can be ordered with brushed fleece lining for warmth for extra $10)
5) warm jacket, not as much for skiing in but maybe to keep warm between events and general cold weather wear

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