Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Trail Work Recap

We had a good group today. We have gotten quite a lot of the burned hazard trees down on the early parts of the trail, including the front-hill road, the first portion of the lower Canada Bonita trail, and the upper trail from A to B. I would say that we have about 33% done. Still a lot of clearing and lower side structure to build back up.

Same plan for those days:
Meet at the specified time (IMPORTANT!) to go over the hazards & safety plan
Have watch sentinels over the trail ingress/egress to the work zone
Get a section of hazard trees down, secure the work area, perform bucking & clearing
I'll send out a notice on what afternoon(s) we'll work. We will likely meet at 9am next Saturday, and perhaps a little later on Sunday if there is enough interest.


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