Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ellis area ski trail enhancement project

Today a group of nordic ski enthusiasts including Rich Besser, Fredrik Landstedt, Ron McCurley, and Chris Norton along with USFS rangers Kerry Wood and Ryan Reineke walked some trails potentially suitable for grooming in the area near the Ellis parking lot and the Sandia Peak Tram service road. Fredrik pointed out places along the trails that needed improvement (e.g. widening, stump lowering, trail rerouting) which were, for the most part, approved by the rangers walking with us. We agreed to meet with them again at an unspecified date in early November (weather permitting) in order to actually make the improvements proposed today. The rangers would be doing the actual cutting with volunteers assisting them with the work by clearing the trail of the resulting timber fall and by insuring that hikers not intrude into the work area for safety reasons. The work will probably be on a weekday (not a weekend). Any Albuquerque area skiers willing to help should contact Ron McCurley (505 2284949) or Chris Norton (505 2286116).

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