Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday evening update 1/27/2011

Went back up and went back to grinding the old snow in the skate lanes all around the main loop from Pt.-R on the lower road, all the way around to Pt.-B on the upper trail, and worked on the B-R cutoff, which will be used in Saturday morning's club training event (1st skier off at 9:30am starting at Pt.-R on the lower road).

Things started to free up after a couple of passes, so most of the loop is in good condition, with only a few short stretches that stayed a little icy. The new alignment of the lower meadow to the O-bypass was also smoothed out a lot, so I think it'll ski in nicely. I really worked on the descents, so they won't be so sketchy. I also threw a lot of shovels of snow onto the thin or slightly exposed spots so that the loop could be skied with good skis if you're just a little careful.

All in all, it looks really good, especially considering the low snow base.

Classic track was left alone and still looks pretty good. Definitely use some purple klister (like KR-40 or Universal -3*C to +3*C) hard wax. Grip tape works AWESOME on these conditions.

Red glide wax in the 17*F to 30*F range.

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