Monday, January 24, 2011

NEW grooming/trail report for 1/24/2011

The trails received 1/2" to 1"+ today and it was still trying to snow lightly when I left around 10:30pm.

We got out with the ice cutters down and went to work on grinding up the boiler-plate surface and the little bit of new stuff to mix in. That is expensive and hard work, as it's a bit destructive to all of the equipment and requires a lot of manual implement operation (lowering, raising, moving weights, etc.). But, the end product was well worth it and the trails actually look pretty good.

All of the main trails got several passes; the lower road and meadow got a lot more. There's also a new alignment for the lower meadow to reach the lower road using the "O-to-M" bypass, so it's skiable and quite nice, if not a little soft and not fully smoothed out yet. Also got a few little trouble spots shoveled in anticipation for Saturday's club event.

And, the bonus is that a pretty good classic track was set. Hopefully it sets up nicely overnight and will hold out until we get some snow.

So, the loop from the bottom using the B-to-R cutoff, all the way out to the end, then down the meadow to the M-to-O bypass and the lower road all got groomed and will be freshened up on Thursday.

Pretty good skiing for now.

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