Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Here's Dina's Chama Race Report

Thanks Dina!

Seriously, it is too bad that I dont have time to post an event blog for a while here. If someone else can do it sooner please do. For now I've uploaded all the photos I had and received from others (thank you!) to SWNSKI Photo Gallery. Just go to our homepage http://swnordicski.organd click Photo Gallery tab. I havent had time to put any comments yet either.
Chama Chile Ski Classic had 199 race participants this weekend! 199!! That's amazing considering a few years ago we were THRILLED they managed to get 75 participants. It is so great to see this event get back to the participation levels I've only heard about from the 'old timers' :). Speaking of 'old timers' a whole lot of them came out for this event - NM has some great movers and shakers in the nordic world and its great to see them out enjoying Chama's come back.
The Chama folks putting it on did a fantastic job. And a huge thanks goes out to our SWNSKI groomer volunteers hauling our machines and spending days doing back breaking grooming work (shoveling included of course) before and between races (and racing afterwards!).
Huge thanks to all of you who came out!!! We hope everyone had fun and comes out next year and brings some more friends/family along.
This year's course layout was absolutely amazing, absolute best use of that beautiful and challenging terrain! The weather was spectacular! If you havent ever (or lately) been to this event check out the photos and plan on it next year, it is amazing to have such a fun winter event so close to us! And if you think you 'arent a (ski)racer', do note that participants range from UNM skier level racers to 9 year old kids in lion costumes to guys in knickers on wooden skis, to casual snowshoe hikers to crazy fast snowshoe runners. And all of them seem to love it the same.
Btw, I have a LOAD of awards to pass out to people. I mean a LOAD! I dont even remember whose is whose there are so many. Will have to look up results (found here:http://www.santafestriders.org/race_results_html/ChamaChili2011/). But the point is, that aside from all the fun people also scored more awards than I could imagine! Wohoo!
Thanks again to everyone who participated! Spread the word, share the photos and tell your friends now while you are still excited and high from all the fun :) so they can plan to join us next year!
Chama Rocks!! :)

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KevinB said...

Hi Dina. I was up in Chama with the Striders crew and posted a similar race report at http://highdesertdirt.blogspot.com Lots of fun, and SWNordic cleaned up. I hope to get up to SWNSKI tomorrow morning for the first time and see what kind of trails you all have up on the Hill. If it's as nice as your site here, all should be well. Great write up. Cheers. - KB