Tuesday, December 23, 2008

MORE(!) new snow 12/23/08

The snow gods are smiling on (more like laughing at...) us so far this year. The only problem is, we're short on grooming staff and can't keep up with it.

It snowed another 14" - 18" overnight and during the day today, and we got a major bag of wind to further complicate things. As of now, it's back to snowshoeing and backcountry/touring to pack a track around the trails so that we might be able to get the machines through and then maybe start grooming again.

It's forecasted to snow again starting tomorrow night into Friday, so we'll just do what we can until all of this abates.

Get out there with your touring skis and enjoy the deep snow! (and help us make some tracks on the trails in the process)

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