Saturday, December 20, 2008

Grooming report Saturday morning:

from Clay:
Well, it was a VERY long night of grooming, and I must say it isn't a pretty all. It is basically "groomed" all the way around, but there are a lot of messes everywhere and some places didn't get groomed out well due to some technical problems.

There is a classic track. It'll be soft, as I was often breaking trail while setting it. Skating will be good in some places and not so great in others. The wind was blowing, so the meadow will likely be a bit drifted in by morning.

Luckily, the snow is amazing and it's nice and cold. It will all need to be regroomed soon. At least it's groomable now. I was still sinking up to my eyeballs in some places.

Thanks to the Groomers I say! I was up there last night on my backcountry skiis and the snow was amazing. Amazingly thick, soft and cold. Based on last nights conditions and clays report I would get the touring/classics out again today and ski the hell out of the trail. It would probably be helpful to cut new lines and pack it in on the periphery as well. Here are some pics from Friday night (pre big grooming):
Typical conditions pre grooming on friday night, soft and thick:

Me (Tarik) at the top of Canada Bonita, the meadow was drifty and crusty and windy:

Dave W. helps dig out the big roller so Nick and dog can get their groom on (post sunset cell phone cam granularity):

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